Yeti League Recap 2/25/23 and Reminders!

Yeti League Results from 2/25/23

We played a slightly modified layout at Fort Missoula in an attempt to dodge the ice and mud.

  • Hole 14 played the easiest at 2.8 strokes.
  • Hole 17 played the hardest at 4.4 strokes.
  • For the first time ever nobody won a hole outright?
  • We had the fastest flat putting greens in recent memory? One missed putt and your putter slid a healthy 20 feet on a few holes.
  • Conor secured the MPO win by seven strokes.
  • Amy secured the FPO win.
  • No Yeti league this Saturday because Jason Whitelock will be running a disc dice ZTO fundraiser round at the Fort! See his post for details.
  • Registration for a handful of MT tournaments is open or upcoming. Don’t miss out!
  • Pop over to Albatross Discs and treat yourself to a Montana Destroyer 🐻

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