Missoula Disc Golf F.A.Q

What Local Disc Golf Courses Are Currently Open?
The only course in Missoula currently open is Blue Mountain. There are several nearby courses also available though.

  • Lolo Elementary School has a 9 hole hillside course that begins behind the maintenance building.
  • Spiritwood is a 22 hole wooded course with water hazards in the summer months about a 45 minute drive from Blue Mountain near Hamilton, MT.
  • Lolo Hot Springs has an 18 hole course with thick woods and large boulders. It is also about a 45 minute drive from Blue Mountain.
  • Salish Kootenai College has an 18 hole park style course on the campus in Pablo, MT.

When Is Pattee Canyon Open for Disc Golf?
The Pattee Canyon course is open each year from July 1st – October 31st.

When Is the Fort Missoula Course Open?
The Fort Missoula Course uses the same baskets as Pattee Canyon. Volunteers from the Garden City Flyers pull the baskets from Pattee Canyon and install them at Fort Missoula. The course is open from November 1st – mid-April.

When Is Linda Vista Open?
Linda Vista’s opening and closing dates are weather dependent. Expect it to open shortly after the first snowfall and close once the snow has melted enough to allow the ball golf course to open.

Is Sky Ranch Open for Play?
The Sky Ranch property has recently been sold and the new owners are not currently interested in continuing disc golf operations.